Invited Speaker

The Open Information Extraction Project

Prof. Mausam, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Affiliate Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle


Open Information Extraction is an attractive paradigm for extracting large amounts of relational facts from natural language text in a domain-independent manner. In this talk I will describe a brief history of the project starting way back in 2005, and the series of enhancements leading up to the latest open extractors. I will end with some applications work that uses open extractions for various end tasks, including unsupervised event schema generation and deep learning of word vectors.


Prof. Mausam is an associate professor at the Dept. of Computer Science in IIT-Delhi and an affiliate faculty at the University of Washington.

His work focuses on large-scale information extraction and text summarization, AI & ML applications to crowdsourcing and education, automated planning under uncertainty, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning.

He holds a Masters and PhD in Computer Science from University of Washington, Seattle.

Mausam has been granted Senior Member status in the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI).