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  • Access Control , Applied Cryptography, Biometrics, Certification and Audits, Data Outsourcing Security, Cryptographic Currencies, Cyber security, Data security and Privacy, Digital Cash and Payment Systems
  • Electronic Commerce Security, Intrusion Detection Systems, Key Management, Trust Management, Usability and Security, Web Security, Systems Security
  • Security in Parallel and Distributed Systems, Mobile Systems Security and Privacy, Social Networks Security and Privacy
  • Protection, Integrity and Privacy, Security Applications for Big Data, cloud computing, Networking
  • Network Applications, Services, QoS management, Cross-layer design, Network Architecture, Algorithms, Modeling and Evaluation, Energy-aware communication
  • Wireless, Sensor and Actor Networks, Ad hoc and Opportunistic Networks, Vehicular Networks, Mobile Networks, Pervasive Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Multimedia and Real-Time Networking
  • Software Defined Networking, Storage Area Networks
  • Network Performance, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Wearable Network and System
  • Router and switch design