Cloud Computing Image
  • Analysis and Design of Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Languages/Operating Systems for parallel processing
  • GPGPU computing
  • Architecture of parallel/distributed systems, Tools for parallel computing, Parallel (distributed) database systems, Networking aspects of parallel/distributed computing, Parallel/distributed scientific computing Applications
  • High-performance computing Applications in molecular sciences
  • Multimedia applications for parallel/distributed systems
  • Grid networks, services and applications
  • Distributed File Systems
  • Hyper Scale/Hyper Converged Distributed Storage Design, Storage I/O Protocols
  • Cloud as a Service, Cloud Infrastructure, Management and operations, Performance, Scalability, Reliability, Virtualization, loud Provisioning Orchestration, Architecture support, Development Tools, Platforms and Applications, Legal aspects and Service Level Agreement, Mobile computing advances in the Cloud, Performance optimization