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  • Data Analytics Tools, Frameworks and Mechanisms
  • Analytics Visualization, High-performance, Mechanisms and Features
  • Scalable data analytics, Predictive analytics, Sentiment/opinion analysis, Application-oriented analytics, Target analytics
  • Big Data Algorithms and Programming Techniques, Analytics and Metrics, Big Data Processing and Management, Search and Mining, Platforms, Big Data Persistence and Preservation, Social networks, Economics.
  • NoSQL architectures
  • Evolutionary Bioinformatics: Next Generation Sequencing and its applications, Structural Bioinformatics: Protein/RNA structure and function Emerging trends in Proteomics
  • Systems biology in Bioinformatics: Microarray Data Analysis, Medical Informatics: Clinical data analysis, Electronic Health Records, biomedical intelligence
  • Computational Biology: Biomedical text mining, Biological data mining and visualization, Genomics: Gene Expression Analysis, RNA sequencing, Genome Sequence Search and Alignment
  • Health care information systems: data acquisition, analysis and mining